Home Modifications Series Part II

Published 03/31/2021

First, let’s talk numbers.  You may have already considered what modifications your home might need to make your life easier as you age:  first floor living, a curbless shower or shower bench, more lighting, or a stepless entryway.  You imagined the cost to be prohibitive and brushed it off as a problem to solve another day. 

In actuality, implementing important home modifications in your younger years creates an age-friendly space and will deliver the best bang for your buck.  For example, adding a master bedroom suite to the main floor of your home might cost $75,000.  Assisted living might cost $5,000 per month.  Just over one year in an assisted living facility pays for your first-floor master bedroom suite remodel or addition.  This home modification not only allows you to remain in your home longer, but it also increases the value of your home as well.  And making this positive change in your late 50s might be just what the doctor ordered!