From Trend to Staple: Kitchen Islands

Published 07/29/2020

Kitchen islands have proven that they are a trend that is here to stay.  The use of an island adds counter space while creating an inviting and open flow between rooms.  The kids might sit at the counter and eat breakfast while you get ready for the day, or do homework while you cook dinner.  While entertaining, the island allows you to still feel apart of the party while prepping food and drink.  The ever-versatile island also offers more storage for the many kitchen appliances you've probably acquired over the years.  Here's how one client found a creative way to store their stand mixer inside their new kitchen island.

Stand mixers are heavy, and this one gets a lot of use.  We worked with this client to bring her vision to life.  Open the cabinet door, raise the hinged shelf up to counter height, and the mixer is ready to be used!  No need to squat and lift with the legs in order to whip up a batch of cookies, though the mixer is unattached and can be moved if needed.  While this dual storage and workspace solution is useful for anyone, it is also one small example of a home modification that can add years to a joyful hobby for you or someone you love.