5 Reasons to Choose a Master Bedroom Suite Addition

Published 07/22/2020

Are you considering expanding your home or reconfiguring it so that it better suits your needs?  Whether your family is growing or you'd like to remain independent in your own home a bit longer, a master bedroom suite addition might be just what you need.  Here are five reasons to consider a master bedroom suite addition:


Reason #1: Adding a master bedroom suite on the first floor allows you to remain in your home longer as you age.  This home modification helps you avoid doing stairs regularly and keeps you closer to the heart of your home.

Reason #2: Your family is growing and you're running out of space!  Adding a master bedroom suite expands your home in the most functional way possible.  You not only gain more bedroom space, but another bathroom as well.

Reason #3: Did we mention another bathroom?!  Maybe you're done adding to the family but those kids won't stop growing and time in the bathroom is becoming a precious commodity.  Adding a master bedroom suite is a sweet idea because of that added bathroom.

Reason #4:  A master bedroom suite offers a level of privacy that you may feel is lacking in your home.  The attached bath means less disruption in your daily living when you have guests in your home and might be a nice - albeit short - retreat from the ongoing demands of those little rascals running around.

Reason #5:  Is it time to move mom, dad, or another loved one in?  A master bedroom suite addition, particularly on the first floor, can help make this move go smoothly and is a safe option for your aging family member.