Your Responsive Home Remodeling Contractor

Published 08/26/2020

As your partner, we want what you want.  Home remodeling projects often present unforeseen challenges and a top reason for hiring MHI is because we are responsive and adaptable.  Especially during these unprecedented times brought about by Covid-19, it’s so important to choose a contractor that understands what’s important to you. 

At the beginning of the summer, we worked with a client who lives in the city.  They knew they would be spending more time at home due to social distancing recommendations, and they needed some shade in their yard.  We were able to construct a deck and pergola for them fairly quickly, but some materials were delayed due to Covid-19.  We worked tirelessly to track down the necessary materials - both from the original order and through different suppliers - so that our client would still have the time to personalize the space and enjoy it all summer long. They refer to this space as their “oasis” and enjoy it with their family every afternoon.