Why Choose an ADU?

Published 10/07/2020

You may have heard of the granny pod, she-shed, or backyard cottage.  These all qualify as accessory dwelling units – or ADUs – and have become a popular home addition solution amid the pandemic.  Why now, specifically?  As many of us continue to face a new normal that involves remote learning and being a part of a remote work force, it’s highly probable that space at home is limited.  You might need room to spread out now.  It’s also possible that you’re feeling the economic squeeze that so many Americans are currently facing.  Enter:  the ADU. 

An accessory dwelling unit is a space external to your home.  This means it can be constructed quickly and without the added hassle and cost of tearing into your current home/office/classroom.  In many states this type of addition also faces more lenient permitting, which also helps to expedite the process.  ADUs allow you to gain the space you need while staying within budget.  Because the unit is external to your home and not incorporated into the flow and floor plan, it can be easily repurposed as our “normal” continues to change and adapt.