Home Modifications Series Part III

Published 04/09/2021

Here at MHI, our goal is to educate our clients – and potential clients – about how and why home modifications are an integral part of aging in place.  Our biggest message is this:  consider what your home may need to help you age gracefully before you actually need it.  But here’s the thing – no one can see the future.  Maybe you or a loved one find yourselves in a position where you need to make some safety updates to your space immediately. 

The RI Livable Home Modification Grant may be able to help you offset that expense.  This grant will reimburse you for 50% - up to $4,000 - of the cost of modifying your existing residence to include necessary safety modifications.  These modifications might include a zero-step entrance, wider doorways and hallways, or a walk-in shower.  While the grant may not cover the entire cost of the work you hope to do to make your home age friendly, it can certainly help you on your path to remaining in your own home and community.

To learn more about the RI Livable Home Modification Grant, click here.