Blustery Blunders for Homeowners and How to Remedy

Published 10/30/2020

Today we're diving a bit deeper into some common troubles homeowners face in the colder months.  As the pandemic continues to surge, it's likely that we will be spending even more time at home with our loved ones this winter.  Tending to these areas of your house now - or being aware of how to do so when the snow and ice hit - can help you and your family safely enjoy the weather together at home.





  1. Snow & ice strain the roof – Don’t allow either to build up. Purchase a roof rake and “rake” roof from the ground if we have a big storm of very wet, heavy snow. If your roof is prone to ice dams, consider purchasing roof deicing cables.  These cables run off electricity and will melt snow preventing build up and possibly ice damming, as well.
  2. Freezing temps cause plumbing problems – Don’t allow your home temp to drop below freezing, something to be especially aware of if you plan to travel for an extended period of time. Check areas around pipes for drafts and close up and/or insulate. During deep freezes, leave taps open to a drop to prevent water from freezing inside pipes.
  3. Cold cracks caulk, leads to drafts – check caulk now before temperatures drop. Notice any shrinkage or cracking and replace where necessary.